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Nanchang Yiles Medical Instrument Co., Limited is perfessional supplier of all kinds of medical disposable products, include endotracheal tube, laryngeal mask, foley catheter, nelaton catheter, suction catheter, tracheostomy tube, guedel airway, feeding tube, insulin pen needle, insulin syringe, infusion set, I.V catheter, scalp vein set, urine bag, injection stopper, Three ways Stopcock and other disposable medical items.

Yiles not only offers high quality products, but also provides professional technical solution (ODM service) to research & design new products. With sales rapid development, Yiles invested and built its own factory in Jiangxi China mainland in 2010, besides this, Yiles has 3 brother factories to offer abundant products to serve customers, all factories are CE & ISO certificated.

Professional Supplier

Cooperate with the customer 98%
Product development capability 95%
Quality, Service 99%


We provide mold design and development, you can provide your product drawings, we have a professional mold design team to serve you.
Each production process is finished in class 100,000 Clean Room. A range of moden machine ensure high quality, such as injection machine, extrusion machine, liquid silicone injection molding, plate Vulcanizing, pad printing, auto – packaging sealing machine etc.
Our cooperation, you are our VIP, wholeheartedly for your service

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